Hello, I’M Dan Wadleigh

In the Pursuit of Improving Character: Coder & Code

A brief introduction

Cloud Operations to Pursuing Code Character

I have 13+ years on the Operations side of the house and a lifelong passion for coding. The same principles applied to go from Zero-to-Linux SysAdmin and Zero-to-AWS Certified, which I intend to use here. Simply, because they were inspired from and learned in a code book. With a programming foundation laid in academia, practiced in various forms throughout the Ops journey, the time has come to persevere. Code Character is not a persona, but rather the focused pursuit of improving the character – of the Coder and of the code. Focusing on DevOps and Cloud Automation with a strong interest in leveraging Serverless. For more background check the About Me page.

Software & Operations Experience
HashiCorp Terraform
Current Project

#100DaysOfCode with Python

As an AWS Cloud Engineer by trade and very interested in the practices of DevOps and Cloud Development, Python seems like a logical starting point. Currently working through several Python and AWS resources. A lot of hands-on interactive coding exercises and projects each day. Posting to GitHub and Twitter daily.


“His history has been general and diverse, but I know that he can go deep into a technology. On a regular basis working with Dan he would provide both answers to problems we faced as well as possible directions or approaches to solving the problems even if he wasn’t an expert.

Dan brings a level of professionalism that is rarely found in technical engineers, it is in this trait that I learned the most valuable lessons from Dan. It was the soft skills that helped me become a better teammate and engineer”

David Julian

David Julian

Sr IT Cloud Developer

“Dan has the ability to stop, reassess, and make extremely thoughtful and insightful analysis of any situation. This is (and has proven to be) extremely useful in high-pressure situations. Having someone like Dan, who has the ability to zoom in to see the details, and then zoom out to see the bigger picture, almost effortlessly, is what makes Dan a great ally in almost any situation.

Dan has also a rather diverse skill set—ranging from Ops to DevOps, tooling like Ansible and Terraform to cloud primitives with AWS, Dan is a swiss-army knife. And it’s not just the tools—Dan understands their role, and place in the Ops/DevOps stack. Consequently, he has the ability to frame any new tools in the right perspective, and know of their immediate value, if any.”

Raju Gandhi

Raju Gandhi

DevOps Consultant – Author “Head First Git

“Dan is an exceptional cloud architect-engineer. Many times, Dan’s expertise was vital to the success of the project. A dynamic problem-solver with a great attitude. However, what I appreciated most was Dan’s humor and sincere attitude towards resolving the issue at hand.”

Sean Potter

Sr QA Manager

“Dan is a stellar example of the combination of friendliness and intelligence. I don’t think there is anything that can stump him! And, he will always have a smile on his face while figuring out a technical issue. I can’t say enough about my regards for Dan’s integrity, positive attitude, and competence.”

Laura Zaspel

Founding Consultant at New Energy Consulting