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Hi, I’m Dan Wadleigh, and welcome to Code Character! Sincerely, thank you for taking your time to learn a little about me. I’m a husband, father, soon-to-be recent grandfather (doh! where’d the time go), IT professional, hungry to learn and work with others that challenge and encourage.

It’s my Dad’s fault (buck-passing starts here). When I was about 10 he bought a Commodore 64 and some magazines with code for programs to build. Many hours of typing, an address book type project for the baseball autograph hound later … and I’ve been hooked ever since. (Brooks Robinson was my first autograph response via snail mail.)

From the beginning, a longtime wannabe developer, reading McConnell and Atwood for fun. Primary experience as a general technologist from the traditional Operations side with a journey from Windows to Linux to the Cloud and most recently DevOps. Growing practical experience with DevOps tools and practices, but, an even bigger passion for truly embracing the culture and mindset of DevOps.

Genuinely excited at the possibilities with DevOps – delivering value faster and more efficiently. The past couple of years were filled with many “Aha!” moments personally. And I’ve been collecting the best of the resources used to generate those here in the Resources section.

Passionate about working well with others, and contributing in a meaningful way, to things that I believe make a difference to others. Acknowledge I’ve always got a lot to learn, willing to learn from anyone, and so, hungry to keep learning and improving. And enjoying the journey along the way.

Dan Wadleigh and Friends in Texas
Dan Wadleigh and My Best Half
Dan Wadleigh and My Why
Dan Wadleigh and Daughter - b/c daughters deserve 2 photos
Dan Wadleigh at Iwo Jima - USMC

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AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate
Kubernetes Cloud and Native Associate