Roadmaps to learning specific tech skills for launching a new professional path or progressing further in a new field.

Tech Skills

Serverless Development

  • Serverless Roadmap: Learn the Fundamentals, Getting Started Projects, Intermediate Steps, Workshops

Python Development

  • Python Developer Roadmap (coming soon)

Amazon Web Services

  • AWS Solutions Architect Roadmap (coming soon)
  • AWS Developer Roadmap (tbd)

Linux Administration

  • Linux Administration Roadmap (coming soon)

DevOps Engineer

  • DevOps Concepts, Culture & Mindset Roadmap (coming soon)
  • Source Code Version Control with Git Roadmap (pending)
  • Infrastructure-as-Code: Configuration Management – Ansible Roadmap (pending)
  • Infrastructure-as-Code: Provisioning – Terraform Roadmap (pending)
  • Containers with Docker Roadmap (pending)
  • Container Orchestration with Kubernetes Roadmap (pending)
  • Build Automation and CI/CD with Jenkins Roadmap (pending)